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Sanding Services Company provides various types of wooden floor services, each type of these services are fitted for your individual purpose.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or to discuss any of your requirements.

Floor Sanding

Sanding makes the floor look much newer and fresher. However, different types of floors require different time managing within sanding.

Stairs Sanding

Sanding may take longer within staircase, this is because different equipments are used and more detailed shapes of the stairs require different method of sanding. Nevertheless, it's worth doing so, as the look of wooden stairs can be outstanding and believe it or not, under the carpet on your stairs, there might be glamorous wooden stairs hidden for you to discover.

Fitting Wood Stairs

As a very experienced company we are able to turn your staircase from cement to wooden stairs or if the wooden stairs are too damaged or and too old to renew, out team is able to cover your old looking stairs with new wooden boards to give them the new and fresh looking gaze.

Wooden Furniture Sanding

Sanding involves different methods which allow our team to offer you furniture sanding which includes doors, skirting, decking and many other types of equipment. Please contact us if you have any unique require of sanding, we are here to help.

Floor Repairs/Exchange

Our team is able to repair various types of damages within floors, whether there is a water leak, scratches, hols, cracks and many other damages which are occurring on floors. Besides, if necessary, we are able to offer you an exchange of the floorboards in order for you to retain your floor in the very best appearance.