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About Us

Sanding Services Company is known as the specialised expert with 12 years experience in various types of floor services. We are able to assist you to choose the right and best floor fit for your purpose and we are also confident of supplying you with the information you need to know about certain types of floors free of any cost.

As a company, we have our own equipment which we work with and we have our own suppliers for the materials we use. We are able to organise materials for you, if necessary. However we are also happy to work with the materials provided by you.

What's more, we can supply you with a range of different types of wood including Beech, Maple, Ash, Oak and Smoked Oak, Merbau, Walnut and many other types of floors. The floors stated above appear in range of different finishes including oiled, lacquered, brushed and oiled, brushed and lacquered and many more. During our free of cost estimates we are able to show our clients samples of the wood floors from which we believe all individual customers will be able to choose something for themselves.

We are based in North-West London and as a team we are happy to work for you wherever your location is both, in and out of London.

We work towards the very best standards in order to please our customers. We believe that the services which we provide are value for money and you will be amazed with at results. We leave our customers fully satisfied and this has been proved by the number of customers we have already served and continue to attract.

We can supply and fit service of Laminate, Solid Wood floors, Engineered flooring, Parquet flooring, Skirting, outside decking, ship deck and many other types, depends on your budget. Within sanding services we provide restoration, gap filling, staining, repairing, varnishing, waxing and oiling. Our sanding team is able to turn your "old looking floor" into a glamorous smart and new looking floor in which you will be able to see your own reflection.